A set of internationally recognised, Ofqual regulated English language exams mapped to the CEFR, for general or work purposes.




How much does LanguageCert TEST cost?

Rs.2,500. Unit price /per. Languagecert C1 Level Exam – Single Component (Spoken/ Written) Languagecert C1 Level Exam – Single Component (Spoken/ Written) Regular price Rs.20,000.

The LanguageCert difference

LanguageCert is committed to developing and delivering high-quality, internationally recognised language exams that enhance the career, education and life prospects of individuals worldwide.


High-quality, reliable exams developed to the most rigorous standards.


Flexible and pioneering exam administration technologies and systems.


Accepted by official authorities, organisations and Higher Education Institutions globally.

How can LanguageCert help


Candidates can take high-quality, internationally recognised language exams for day-to-day, work and study purposes.

Higher Education

LanguageCert is recognised by Higher Education institutions in the UK and internationally, as valid proof of language proficiency for admission, progress assessment and graduation purposes.


Education and immigration agents can offer their clients a range of exams, flexibly, with minimal administration effort.

LanguageCert FAQs

  1. Where can I take a LanguageCert exam?

You can take your exam at a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre near you, or online at a time and place that suits you by taking a LanguageCert Online exam with remote, live invigilation.

LanguageCert Approved Test Centres: take your exam at an Approved Test Centre near you and choose between computer-based or paper-based exams. For information on available test dates or to find your nearest Test Centre click here or contact us.

LanguageCert Online exams with remote, live invigilation: take your exam at a time of your choosing online. All you need is a quiet room with no distractions, a computer (PC or Mac), a webcam and an internet connection. For more information click here or contact us.

2.   Who recognises my certificate?

Top-class qualifications. Recognised the world over.

LanguageCert is an Awarding Organisation recognised by the designated official authorities in England and Wales

  1. What is LanguageCert test fee?

Rs.2,500. Unit price /per. Languagecert C1 Level Exam – Single Component (Spoken/ Written) Languagecert C1 Level Exam – Single Component (Spoken/ Written) Regular price Rs.20,000.

  1. What is high pass in LanguageCert?

Pass Mark for the Spoken exam: 50%. A High pass is awarded to candidates with and overall score of 66% or more.

5.   How long is my certificate valid for?

LanguageCert certificates do not expire. However, it is recommended you check whether there are any specific requirements from receiving organisations.

6.   Can I book an exam directly from LanguageCert?

Yes, you can book exams directly from the LanguageCert website. Just search for the relevant LanguageCert International ESOL exam.

7.   What are the minimum requirements for an Online exam?
  • Photo ID (A valid Government issued ID that includes a photograph and date of birth in English characters, such as a National ID card, Passport, driving license, military card or social security card.) Read our ID policy here
  • A quiet room with sufficient light and a clean desk. No other persons are allowed to be present in the room. 
  • A single web camera you can rotate (embedded or external – no mobile phone).
  • Primary computer or laptop screen resolution 1024×768 or higher, at least 15”
  • Windows® 11, 10, 8.1, 8 / Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11) or Monterey (12)
  • Active Full-Time/Broadband internet connection of at least 4Mbps
  • A wired headset with a built-in microphone
8.   How long do I have to sit my exam after I purchase it?

You have 12 months to sit your exam after purchase. This is applicable to all exams.

9.   How do I reschedule my exam?

To select a new date and time to take your exam, log in to your LanguageCert account and select “Overview”. Find the exam you wish to reschedule and select “Change date” which is displayed under “My exams”. You can reschedule an exam for free up to 48 hours beforehand.

If you choose to reschedule between 48h and 4h before the exam, you will be charged an administrative fee. If you reschedule your exam after this time, you will be charged a higher fee. Fees are dependent on country/currency and tax where applicable

10.  My exam purchase expires soon but I’m not ready to take my exam. How can I extend its validity?

If you booked your exam through LanguageCert directly, simply log in to your LanguageCert Account, select “Overview”, find your exam under “My exams”, and click on the option to extend the expiry. If you have purchased an exam through a Training Organisation, please contact them directly.

11. How can I cancel my purchase?

You have the right to cancel your purchase by filing a written request of cancellation within 14 days of your initial payment. All requests for cancellation must be emailed to

Cancellation must be made within 14 days of your initial purchase and at least 14 days prior to the exam date.

In the event of an appropriate cancellation request, LanguageCert will provide you with a refund. Refunds will always be made to the same credit card used for purchase.

12. Can I have a blank piece of paper to keep notes during the exam?

You are only allowed to have one blank piece of paper during the LanguageCert International ESOL Spoken exam.The invigilator will ask to see it in order to ensure that it is blank on both sides. It must be shredded in front of the online invigilator once the exam is over.

13. Can I print my exam?

Printing is not permitted at any time.

14.How do candidates under 16 register and participate in online exams?

Candidates under 16 need their Legal Guardian’s consent to register and participate in online exams. Legal Guardian’s full contact information and consent is required during the registration process. Also, the Legal Guardian must be present on the day of the online exam, during the onboarding stage and must provide their consent for the exam to be recorded. Please see our Privacy and Terms of Use for additional information.

15.Where can I find my digital badge?

You can access your digital badge through your LanguageCert Account. All you have to do is log in and select “My Badges”.
You can review, share, download, and add it to your social media accounts and email signature.

16.What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are a convenient way to showcase your professional accomplishments. They are the digital representation of your certification and consist of a verifiable description of the specific knowledge and skills required to earn it. Digital badges are easily shared online.

17.Are bathroom breaks allowed during an exam?

Bathroom breaks are not allowed during the exams.

18.If something happens during the exam what do I do?

The exam will pause, and all answers will be saved. Candidates and invigilators can communicate with one another by speaking aloud or typing into the chat box.

If communication cannot be established, the invigilator will call the candidate on the number provided on their LanguageCert account and talk them through the next steps.

19.Can I change my answers during the exam?

Once the Listening section is completed, you can navigate through the exam freely. You can move from one question to the next or skip questions and go back to them afterwards. You can also flag questions so that you can review them and change the answer if necessary.

If your exam time is up, or you click on ‘End Exam’, you will not be able to make any changes.

20.Am I allowed to drink water/coffee during the exam? Will my results contain a detailed analysis of my performance?

Your Statement of Results displays feedback per skill (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking). This will help you identify the areas you may need to work on to achieve better results.

Yes, drinking water/coffee/any other beverage is allowed.

21.Will my results contain a detailed analysis of my performance?

Your Statement of Results displays feedback per skill (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking). This will help you identify the areas you may need to work on to achieve better results.

22.How will I receive my certificates?

Exam results, Statement of Results and e-certificate are received in just 3 business days, uploaded to your LanguageCert account.
Hard-copy certificates are sent directly to the address provided in the My Profile section of the candidate’s LanguageCert account.

23.What is the re-take policy if I fail my exam?

There are no prerequisites or restrictions for re-taking an exam. You can register for an exam whenever you want.


We teach English not Pinglish
Rs 25000
  • DURATION: 1 Months
  • MODE: Physical/ Online